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Immersive Denver: A step beyond traditional theatre

Over the past few years, pop-ups, immersive art, and the rise of gamification have emerged, taking over traditional art experiences and opening the door into a technology-driven world. While exciting, navigating these new adventures may be daunting, so to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of local attractions to give you a glimpse into this popular artform.

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Photo by Nicholas Caputo

From on High

Through July 31

2550 Larimer St., Denver

From Odd Knock Productions comes From on High, a retro office satire centered on the fictional company, Banr. Located in a 9,000 “office building” in RiNo, audiences become employees and soon realize that their success is defined by productivity, hard work and a “company over colleague” mindset. Do you have what it takes to climb the company ranks at Banr? Only He-Himself, the CEO and Company founder, can decide.

THE END: A Bus Tour of Denver’s Climate FutureA person falling backwards of a cliff edge

Through Jul 31

Multiple Locations

This immersive hijacking of a traditional civic bus tour takes guests on a 16-mile ride through a city transformed by escalating climate catastrophe, inexorably rolling toward the brink of collapse. THE END explores Denver’s present and future and seeks refuge from the rising storm in an interactive expedition spanning multiple sites in a custom-renovated apocalyptic school bus.

Shadows of people stand in front of a large rendering of King Tut's tombImmersive King Tut

Jul 22 – Aug 28

3900 Elati St.

100 years ago, the Boy King’s tomb was discovered. This summer, celebrate the anniversary by venturing into the Valley of the Kings at Immersive King Tut. The ground-breaking Immersive King Tut experience takes guests on a mythical journey through the Egyptian afterlife. As pharaoh, Tutankhamun is the sun of his nation, follow him on his journey through the underworld. Will he triumph and bring his people eternal light and prosperity? Find out in this new experience.

The Unreal Garden

Through Aug 31

Verse Immersive | 500 16th St. Mall, Suite 261

An immersive AR adventure where guests discover unbelievable characters in an interactive holographic story spanning the ocean to outer space. Venture through the unreal garden, unlock hidden secrets, and end at the beginning of infinity!

A person poses in a bathtub surrounded by glitter and goldSelfie Museum

1531 Stout St.

The original Selfie Museum is the first creative space uniquely designed to take photos and videos to an entirely new level. The coolest modern art museum guests have ever visited with unique and authentic Instagram Walls created for ultimate fun, long-lasting memories, and amazing photo opportunities.

Verse: Art of the Future

Through Aug 31

Denver Pavilions | 500 16th St. Mall

Art and technology come together at the metaverse in this digital art exhibition featuring AR holograms and artwork by top-selling artists from the burgeoning world of NFTs (i.e. Non-Fungible Token). With the help of an AR headset, smartphone, or tablet, each guest will experience their reality in the same activation area. Verse will introduce people, technology, and stories that are shaping this disruptive evolution of the art world.

People walk through an exhibit with dinosaurs and greeneryJurassic World: The Exhibition

Through Sept 5

Stockyards Event Center | 5004 National Western Dr.

This immersive 20,000 square-foot experience is the closest guests will ever come to living dinosaurs. The exhibition immerses audiences in scenes inspired by the beloved film. Visitors will walk through the world-famous “Jurassic World” gates, encounter life-sized dinosaurs, and explore richly themed environments. Guests will have an up-close look at a Velociraptor, stand in awe under a towering Brachiosaurus, and encounter the most fearsome of them all, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Participants can imagine what it would have been like to roam among these breathtaking creatures and even interact with new baby dinosaurs, including “Bumpy” from the popular animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

Earth Illuminated

Through Sept 4

Denver Pavilions | 500 16th Street Mall, Suite 280

Take a journey to experience the beauty of nature during the darkness of night. Through technology, guests view the world around them in a brand-new way. With 40+ scenes, Earth Illuminated features vibrant theatrical lighting and immersive sound design, projection, special effects, and more.

People poke their heads out from behind a purple doorThe FRIENDS Experience

Through Sept 5

2500 East First Ave Cherry Creek West at 1st Ave and Clayton St.

In these beloved interactive set recreations, FRIENDS™ fanatics can jump into their favorite episodes with original props and costumes from the show. Venture into Monica and Rachel’s kitchen, Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Central Perk, and more! Take iconic photos, dance in front of the fountain, and poke Ugly Naked Guy…or not!

Distortions Monster World

Through Sept 4

Denver Pavilions | 500 16th Street Mall, Suite 180

The sets, sights, and sounds take guests away to a supernatural world where giants roam, kings rule, and surprises are around every corner – life-sized ghouls, zombies, snarling gargoyles, creatures of the night, and more! The interactive art installation provides the perfect opportunity for otherworldly photo ops and a unique chance to get up-close and personal with infamous creatures and characters.

People interact with a Cat in the Hat exhibitThe Dr. Seuss Experience

Through Sept 5

Centennial Promenade | 9667 E. County Line Rd.

The Dr. Seuss Experience is an imaginative and interactive immersion into the wondrous world of Dr. Seuss. This Seuss-tacular sensory spectacle takes each guest on an awe-inspiring journey through nine different Dr. Seuss stories, allowing each visitor a chance to step into the pages of the books.

Hidden Denver

Multiple Locations

Explore the most exciting live and virtual experiences in Denver, including immersive tea parties with the Mad Hatter and his curious guests, Disney cocktail experiences with Cinderella or Peter Pan, Potion Putt-Putt, and more.

A mirrored room filled with chrome furnishingsNova Ita: The Festival of Spirit

Through Sept 30

Spectra Art Space | 1836 S Broadway

Novo Ita: The Festival of Spirit, is an all-ages narrative-driven, virtually theatrical, psychedelic immersive art experience. Guests will explore the city’s unique botanic gardens, featuring rare and beautiful plants. Visitors will uncover the mysteries of the past and the magic the Spectral Tree has brought the world through tactile exploration, unique puzzles, and augmented interaction with nature spirits. The People of Novo Ita hope everyone will join them for this celebration and leave inspired and cautiously yet actively hopeful for a better future for humankind and our planet.

Meow Wolf: Convergence Station

Convergence Station | 1338 1st St.

Denver’s Convergence Station is unforgettable, transformational, and not to be missed. Discover immersive psychedelic, mind-bending art, and an underlying rich narrative as guests take a journey of discovery into a surreal, science-fictional epic. This four-story immersive art exhibition is home to 70+ unique installations, rooms, and portals. Together, they tell an unforgettable, cathartic tale of converged worlds.

A woman sits in a bathtub lit up with glowing green lightsMarijuana Mansion

1244 N. Grant St.

Denver’s Dopest Experience. MJ Mansion is a uniquely immersive experience located within a historic (not to mention haunted) mansion in downtown Denver. The mansion has played a pivotal role in the legalization of marijuana, giving it the nickname. Historic events include acting as the Colorado headquarters for the Marijuana Policy Project, where the world’s first successful recreational marijuana bill was written – Amendment 64 — and many other marijuana milestones. Now open for tours, photoshoots, and private events, this one-of-a-kind experience combines the elements of a museum, interactive art exhibit, and event space into an epic insta-worthy playground that sparks wonder and imagination.

Traditional theatre is not going by the wayside, but for those looking to push the boundaries and try something new, these experiences provide the perfect opportunity. Join the narrative, dive into an Instagramable world, and explore the possibilities of unique mediums; who knows what may emerge.