Make IKEA a Destination, Like the Cebollas Sisters

IKEA is massively recognizable, not just by name or furniture style, but by the enormous (usually blue, gray, and yellow) warehouses located in the middle of shopping districts and cities. Even in the Denver Center Theatre Company’s production of Cebollas, the three road-tripping sisters comment on the store, wondering if they can squeeze a visit into their “transporting a dead body” agenda. Like ya’ do.

Located just off I-25 near Park Meadows Mall in Centennial, Denverites may be a bit daunted by the commute southward. But, there are some ways to make the trip even more worthwhile than simply shopping.

If you decide to go in the morning, head out after traffic clears on I-25 (remember, IKEA doesn’t open until 10am) and enjoy breakfast at the IKEA Swedish Restaurant. They serve waffles, eggs, bacon, and Swedish style pancakes. Plus, there is coffee and other beverages available as well.

Whether you have a specific piece of furniture in mind or not, walking through IKEA is an experience in and of itself. Look at the giant map in the entryway and plan your escapade.

Don’t skip over the miscellaneous home décor sections, like lighting, textiles, and gardening. If you’re a fan of browsing Target for the experience of browsing Target, these are the sections for you. IKEA is chock full of little conveniences, cute novelties, and items you never knew you needed. Consumer advisory: you probably don’t need the items, but everyone deserves a treat now and then.

IKEA is known for its showrooms throughout the store. In each furniture section, you’ll find faux kitchens complete with matching cabinetry and dining sets, or living rooms furnished with throw pillows and cozy blankets. Live your absolute best life and make wandering the showrooms fun. Rank them with your group and compare and contrast your favorite (or least favorite) features. Imagine your dream kitchen, with this sink but definitely not that dishware.

If, on your journey, you’ve found furniture items you would like to purchase, don’t head straight down to the stockrooms – especially if you didn’t stop for breakfast! Visit the restaurant for a meal of iconic Swedish meatballs, salmon, a salad, or wraps. Their restaurant is filled with so many options to try.

Then, you’re free to begin your adventure through the IKEA maze…errr…stockroom. Leave yourself ample time to find the item in question before you head for the checkout lanes. Once you’ve done that, you deserve a pick-me-up. Stop by the Bistro for a bit of dessert!