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“Superwoman” Nicole deBree of The Other Josh Cohen Shoots the Opening Free-Throw at The Denver Nuggets Game for their Western Union First Shot Promotion

Nicole deBree stands on the court at a Denver Nuggets game with the mascotNicole deBree, who literally plays “Several People” in the DCPA Cabaret musical The Other Josh Cohen, also holds several roles in real life. From actor to mom to music teacher, deBree also held the title of “free-throw shooter” at the Denver Nuggets vs. Orlando Magic basketball game on Monday, February 14. After playing basketball through high school, deBree was thrilled but nervous to be courtside. “I didn’t know how nervous I would be until the countdown began,” remembered deBree, “I just threw the ball in the general direction of the basket.” Unfortunately, she barely missed, but the occasion was still a night to remember for both deBree and her husband. 

Nicole deBree smiles with her husband as they stand courtside at a Denver Nuggets gameWhen she’s not on the basketball court, deBree is a full-time elementary school music teacher with the Cherry Creek School District as well as an actor and musician. This superwoman can do it all! You can find music from deBree’s time as the lead singer of a metal band, Born in Winter, on Spotify and Apple Music. “There was a time when I did get discouraged in my acting career,” said deBree, “so I became a professional musician.” But her involvement with music led to the perfect career path: “I love teaching. Elementary kids are at such a fun age and it’s a joy to watch them fall in love with music.”  

Nicole deBree onstage in The Other Josh Cohen speaks on a cell phonedeBree fell in love with The Other Josh Cohen herself when she was urged to audition by a friend. “It was a big draw for me being able to play instruments in the show. It’s like having a band with your castmates, which is so much fun,” said deBree. She joined the cast only a week before rehearsals began, which was a whirlwind of excitement and insanity. Besides having a tight-knit and talented cast, The Other Josh Cohen is the perfect show for audiences wanting to come back to the theatre because of its heart and charm. “It’s a silly escape,” said deBree, “It’s an exciting ride that makes you feel so good at the end.”  

This is also deBree’s first show with the DCPA and she couldn’t be happier. “It’s been so amazing to be at The Garner Galleria, it’s like a family,” enthused deBree, “Everyone is so kind and so good at what they do, I feel very blessed and happy to be a part of it.” For her, it’s important to share her passion with others as a performer. Her advice to other musicians and performers: “Audition. It’s the scariest part. You hear ‘no’ so many times, but you’ll never hear ‘yes’ if you don’t go,” said deBree. “The scariest part of being an actor is putting yourself out there but it’s worth the risk when you do get the part.” 

The Other Josh Cohen · Garner Galleria Theatre 
Now – May 1, 2022