A woman raises her arms and shouts with joy in A Christmas Carol

Pass the Parcel Game

This is a game played at parties in England. Great for kids, family gatherings or even as an alternative to a gift exchange, you’ll want to add Pass the Parcel to your own holiday traditions.

Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig dance together in A Christmas Carol

You will need:

A small box
Tissue paper
One small item for each person*

Put the small item in the box and wrap a layer of tissue paper or funny papers around it. Continue wrapping more layers around the box. (Ten layers work well. Or make enough layers so each person can unwrap the package at least once.)

A woman raises her arms and shouts with joy in A Christmas CarolTo start:
1. Have the participants sit in a circle and explain that this is a game that is played in England at parties. It’s called “Pass the Parcel” because in England people call a package a “parcel.” The game is played by passing the package around the circle while music plays.
2. When the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel may unwrap one layer. When the music starts, they must continue passing the parcel. (If it stops at someone who has already unwrapped a layer, then the package is passed to the next person who has not had a turn.)
3. Play the game until the last layer is unwrapped. The person holding the box may then pass out the treats to the rest of the group.

*Alternatively, you could wrap a single item that the whole group can enjoy such as a book, puzzle or game.