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Professional Dance Companies in Colorado

Message In A Bottle arrives at the Buell Theatre in February, featuring the iconic music of Sting and spectacular choreography by Kate Prince. This groundbreaking production may be a new experience for usual theatre-goers, as the story is told through movement rather than words. If you’re intrigued by the exhilarating dance and athleticism, you might […]

Go Behind the Scenes with the Creatives of Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle is a groundbreaking dance / theatre production, featuring the iconic music of Sting and exhilarating choreography by Kate Prince. But what goes into making this type of production? Watch the videos below to learn more about the scenic design, music adaptation, choreography, and story development behind Message In A Bottle.

The Power and Poignancy of Sting’s Songwriting

From the first time we heard him in the late 70s, there was something very distinct about Sting’s songwriting. Here he was, high in the charts with a love song to a prostitute (“Roxanne)” and then, telling of someone who was about to take their own life because love hadn’t worked out (“Can’t Stand Losing […]

Setting Dance to Sting

The following is an interview with Kate Prince, Director & Choreographer of Message In A Bottle. Repurposed by permission of Message In A Bottle. DCPA: Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your inspiration for the show? KATE PRINCE: I think once I knew it was a possibility that I might be able to […]

The Making of Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle takes as its theme the biggest, saddest subject facing the world today: the international refugee crisis that is separating families and causing suffering and unrest across the globe. Yet its origins are in a small, personal – and happy – moment in the life of the choreographer Kate Prince. She was […]

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees on DCPA Stages

The Denver Center stages are no stranger to iconic setlists. The tunes of many famous singers  have graced the Arts Complex, including performances from some celebrities themselves. In 2023 and 2024 alone, the music of five different Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees will play on the DCPA stages. RUTH BROWN Inducted to the […]