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Director Margot Bordelon on The Lehman Trilogy

Two months into the pandemic, in May of 2020, I began reading Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. The book traces 70,000 years of human development, beginning with the dawn of modern cognition, to the development of nomadic societies, the advent of agriculture, to the building of ancient empires, and finally, inevitably, the creation […]

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First Look: The Lehman Trilogy

Hailed as “a genuinely epic production” by The New York Times (original New York run), The Lehman Trilogy follows three German-Jewish immigrant brothers, and their descendants, as they navigate fire, flood, war, and panic to build a financial behemoth that changed America. Take a look at some of the production photos below.

Lehman Brothers: The Rise and Fall of An American Dynasty

The Lehman Trilogy follows three Jewish brothers and the rise and demise of their Lehman Brothers financial conglomerate over 167 years. Let’s explore the Lehman Brothers’ timeline, which spans almost two centuries, from their humble beginnings to their success and fall. 1844-1850s  Henry Lehman arrives in America as a German emigrant. He opens a dry […]

The Most Infamous Financial Scandals in Recent US History

The Lehman Trilogy, the Tony Award-winning play by Italian playwright Stefano Massini, is a wholly American tale. A German-Jewish immigrant arrives in America, opens a dry goods store in Alabama, and by 1850 has brought along his two brothers in the founding of a trading firm that will become the fourth-largest investment bank in the […]

The Lehman Brothers

In 2008 the prominent Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers had 25,000 employees around the world. It carried $639 million in assets, and was the fourth largest investment bank in the United States — and one of the oldest. But when its massive portfolio of mortgage-backed securities lost value and the nation’s over-inflated housing bubble burst, […]

Colorado’s Old Bank Vaults

Back when Denver was first establishing itself as a real city, not just a frontier stopover, companies invested in building elaborate banks (perhaps to become the bankers for those lucky miners up in the mountains!). These banks would have each have a substantial vault to keep all of the money safe. As many a movie […]

Denver Center Theatre Company Announces Cast & Creative for Where Did We Sit on the Bus? and The Lehman Trilogy

The Denver Center Theatre Company is excited to announce the full casting and creative teams for Where Did We Sit on the Bus? and The Lehman Trilogy. “We are closing the 2023/24 Theatre Company season with two epic productions,” said Artistic Director Chris Coleman. “Where Did We Sit on the Bus? is a one-person show […]