The Impact of DCPA Education

Denver Center for the Performing Arts Education offers year-round classes for all ages at all skill levels. Whether your child is looking to try something new, or you would like to develop your interpersonal skills for your career, or you’re a young actor looking to build your skill set, or a professional wanting to switch from on-camera acting to stage acting, the DCPA has a class for you.

DCPA Education Classes for Children

“Arts classes are so important because they really build confidence,” said Allison Watrous, Executive Director of DCPA Education. When children are allowed to use their imaginations and those ideas are supported and encouraged, children build a strong sense of who they are as people. These classes bolster the next generations of our community, but they’re also an excellent outlet for children’s creativity and enthusiasm.

Classes for teens are provided for a wide range of interests and skill levels. The DCPA teaching artists create safe spaces for teens to explore all elements of theatre, from set building to playwriting to improv and everything in-between.

DCPA Education Classes for Teens

Intensive courses and coaching are offered for teens looking to enter the professional theatre world. And for teens who are looking to try something new, “[Classes] build the skills of putting your voice into the world, into conversation, and those are incredible soft skills that will make a student stronger, a professional stronger,” said Watrous.

Tim McCracken, Head of Acting for the Adult Program for DCPA Education, emphasizes the importance and beauty of building a community in the adult classes. Whether a student is taking an improv class to step out of their comfort zone, or a theatre professional is taking a speech class to develop their Southern accent, there’s a vulnerability and a courage to stepping into these spaces.

DCPA Education Classes for Adults

“The pandemic has been a wake-up call for so many of us in terms of self-examination and perspective,” McCracken noted. “People are interested in taking a class, whether that’s due to more flexibility in their schedule, reinforcing the desire to learn and grow, or just to meet and connect with a community. To be surrounded by people taking the same risk and to feel celebrated and supported is life changing.”

These classes have a broad impact no matter a student’s age, from skill development to building a strong sense of self to forming a community. Child and teen spring and summer classes are on sale now. Find the perfect class for you or your child and enroll today!