Try our new crossword puzzle: ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘On Your Feet!’

How well do you know the musicals ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘On Your Feet!’?

With each new issue of Applause Magazine, we offer readers an original crossword puzzle related to our current shows. Here is the most recent. The solution is posted below. Print and play! Download this printable version.


1 The rhythm is gonna get who?
7 “I Dreamed a ________”
8 Before fleeing to Belgium in 1852, the Les Misérables author urged the populace to rise up against this emperor
11 On Your Feet! is the real-life story of _____ and Gloria Estefan
12 When the Les Misérables author died, these many million mourners attended his funeral
13 Miami Sound _______
14 Seeing this artful musical inspired Alain Boublil to write Les Misérables
18 The Estefans bought a small ownership stake in this football team in 2009
20 Gloria Estefan’s husband also helped develop the career of Colombian-Lebanese singer _________ Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
21 Jean Valjean is sentenced to 19 years of hard labor for stealing _________

2 Gloria Estefan has performed at three _________ Games
3 “Empty Chairs at Empty _______”
4 Film for which On Your Feet! book writer Alexander Dinelaris won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay
5 Les Misérables has been performed in 22 of these
6 It’s spelled this, but it’s pronounced “On-jer-ras”
9 Gloria Estefan’s husband also helped develop the career of actor/singer Jennifer ______
10 This production of Les Misérables features original artwork by author Victor ______
15 “Won’t you help me, Doctor ______?”
16 Dance derived from this Cuban carnival dance of the same name
17 Artist who drew the iconic Cosette face Émile ______
19 The very first performance of Les Misérables was in this city in 1980


Christie Prades as Gloria Estefan with Adriel Flete and the company of ‘On Your Feet!’ opening in Denver on Aug. 8. Photo by Matthew Murphy.


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