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Hadestown: Putting the Climate Centerstage

When art imitates life, you get Hadestown, the Broadway blockbuster coming to Denver August 30-September 11. Set in the underworld of Greek mythology, Hadestown touches on a variety of subjects, but one is hard to ignore both on stage and right at home. Climate change. The show opens to an increasingly industrialized world, where the […]

Denver Botanic Gardens Tackles Climate Change

Climate change is hard to ignore. Whether you’ve experienced a wildfire in our state, seen images of polar ice caps crashing into the sea, or are just attuned to more extreme weather patterns, our world is changing. With these changes come different approaches to the ways in which we live…and local groups who are doing […]

A Bountiful Fall for Musical Lovers

If you’re one of those people who has a song for every situation and you know the words to every Broadway show tune, then musical theatre may very well be your muse. While the DCPA has a great lineup of upcoming Broadway touring engagements including Hadestown, Mean Girls, My Fair Lady and Ain’t Too Proud […]

Greek Dining Fit for the Gods

Apart from ruling the sun, the moon and the underworld, Greek gods were also responsible for nourishment in all its forms. Demeter was the goddess of the harvest, Artemis of the hunt, and Hestia of domestic arts including cooking. Priapus was the god of vegetables, Attis of fruits of the earth, Cronus of agriculture, and […]

The Design Inspiration of The Chinese Lady

To return to the DCPA Subscriber News Center, click here. If you are in theatre design, you really should consider your job title. Authority. Craftsperson. Expert. Guru. Wizard. And maybe most aptly, jack of all trades. For, you see, theatre designers aren’t just good with a pencil, sewing machine, lighting instrument or paintbrush. No. They […]

Denver’s Climate Plan: Cut greenhouse gas emissions 100% by 2040

Among the compelling themes in the touring Broadway production of Hadestown are climate change and climate justice. Individuals, organizations and government agencies share concerns and are working to affect change. Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency is putting its plan into action. A month before U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Joe Manchin proposed […]

Greek Wines: history, uses and where to find them

The ancient Greeks were definitely on to something. First, you’ve got your Greek gods — fearsome, fanciful and fun to fantasize about. Then, it’s the cradle of Western civilization complete with the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy and literature, political science, the Olympic Games and…theatre. You also have three stunning blue seas — Mediterranean, Aegean, […]

Golden Arts Scene Poised to Strike it Rich

If you’re looking for a cultural gold mine in Colorado, look no further than the aptly named City of Golden. Founded in 1859, this former gold rush town is experiencing a cultural renaissance with three major redevelopment projects in the mining pan. THE HEART OF GOLDEN The Heart of Golden project is backed by the […]