Judi Wolf: A woman for all costumes

Judi Wolf Donald Seawell Hattitude 2015 DCPA Founder Don Seawell is pictured above with flamboyant DCPA Trustee Judi Wolf at the 2015 Hattitude luncheon. Photo by John Moore for the DCPA’s NewsCenter.

DCPA Trustee Judi Wolf has been playing in costumes since she was 6.

“I started in my mother’s ballgowns,” she said. “I would put them on and get completely lost in them.”

Judi Wolf QuoteRed is both Wolf’s color and her moniker. From her flaming red hair to her flair for the dramatic, she exudes red.

Wolf has been a staunch supporter of the DCPA since the first opening night in 1979, and openings continue to be a very big deal to her.
She wore a toga to the opening of the 10-hour epic Greek cycle Tantalus in 2000. She arrived at The Little Mermaid in 2007 dressed as Ariel’s mother where she held fish-shaped balloons while her household manager blew bubbles in her wake.

There are method actors, and there are method dressers. Imagine what the audience thought when Wolf arrived at The Man Who Came to Dinner in 1990 wearing a cocktail dress and riding in a wheelchair. The play’s cranky protagonist Sheridan Whiteside, of course, spends the play in a wheelchair. Now that is commitment to craft.

But in this case, says Wolf, she needed it. “I had tripped walking out of the beauty shop,” she said, “so I rode to the opening in ambulance with ice on my knee and ankle. It was opening night. I wasn’t going to miss it.” 
Wolf is a Denver native with a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Denver. She taught Spanish at Graland Country Day School and was named as the Fine Arts Foundation Citizen of the Arts in 2012.

She has sponsored the Costume Corner column in the DCPA’s Applause magazine for the past five years because she believes the costume arts must be championed.

“What is theatre without costumes?” she said. “It’s radio!”

Denver Stories Curious Judi Wolf Jim Hunt

Judi Wolf at home on the “red” carpet with “Denver Stories” Director Jim Hunt at Curious Theatre. Photo by John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter.

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