UC Denver Students and the cast of The Chinese Lady pose for a photo together onstage

Talkbacks: An Insider’s Look at a Play

Since the mid-1980s, the DCPA Theatre Company has offered a series of free post-show discussions called “Talkbacks.” In fact, nearly 320,000 students and patrons have participated in these conversations…yet they remain relatively unknown to our audiences.

UC Denver Students and the cast of The Chinese Lady pose for a photo together onstage

UC Denver Students attended a talkback for The Chinese Lady at the DCPA. Photo by Miguel Morris

As we work to engage our community in a variety of ways, we feel it’s time to draw Talkbacks out of the wings and into the spotlight. These efforts will also contribute to the DCPA’s recently announced goal to have 1 million engagements per year.

Each season as the Theatre Company is considering its lineup of locally produced plays and musicals, the DCPA’s Community Engagement team develops a schedule of Community Talkback discussions. While there are generally one or two scheduled regular Talkbacks for each show, there are some productions that address thought-provoking topics and themes prompting organizers to offer additional community discussions.

Talkbacks are always professionally moderated and generally include members of the cast and/or artistic team, so audiences can ask questions about their performance, the staging, costumes, plot, etc.

Those Talkbacks that are planned for plays that warrant a deeper conversation may also include area subject matter experts who can delve into topics such as race, religion, gender identification or the environment.

Discussions are just that — a two-way dialogue in which the audience poses questions and offers opinions as they engage with the Company and experts. These conversations often last 30 minutes and are an excellent opportunity to explore a play firsthand.

We invite you to join us for any of these free Talkbacks following select 2023/24 DCPA Theatre Company productions:

A Little Night Music
Sep 21, Oct 5

Nov 9, 16, 21

Feb 22, 29

Feb 27, May 7

Apr 18, 30

Where Did We Sit on the Bus?
May 14, 21, 23, 28

The Lehman Trilogy
May 21, 30