Rattlesnake Kate. Sketch of Kate Slaughterback in her signature flapper dress and cowboy hat with rattlesnake motif background

The Three Phases of Rattlesnake Kate

Strong. Ambitious. Fearless. Badass. 

Those are just some of the words used to describe the Colorado Western woman, Kate McHale Slaughterback—famously known as “Rattlesnake Kate.” When Composer Neyla Pekarek ventured to the Greeley Museum while in school at the University of Northern Colorado, she did not expect to be captured by the story of how one woman took on not only a rattlesnake migration, but the world. Get to know the journey of each Kate in Rattlesnake Kate before you see the show! 

Leana Rae Concepcion in the spotlight with the cast of Rattlesnake Kate

Leana Rae Concepcion as Katie and the cast of Rattlesnake Kate. Photo by andrewkellyphotography.com


Katie McHale 

In Act One of Rattlesnake Kate, audiences will meet 16-year-old Katie as she leaves home to go meet her “true love.” Katie is an independent and scrappy person that wants to make a name for herself in the world. No matter what comes in her path, Katie remains optimistic and is not afraid of a challenge or anyone trying to stop her. 


Alyse Alan Louis in the spotlight onstage for Rattlesnake Kate

Alyse Alan Louis as Kate in Rattlesnake Kate. Photo by andrewkellyphotography.com


Kate McHale Slaughterback 

Later in Act One the audience is introduced to an older Kate. Kate Slaughterback is a fighter that yearns for love and glory. In Kate’s early 30s the world learns about the famed encounter with a rattlesnake migration where she killed 140 rattlesnakes to save her son and horse. That encounter gave her the name “Rattlesnake Kate” and started the path to a national legacy. Although married to Jack Slaughterback for a time, audiences will continue to see Kate on her quest for love and the 30-year romance with Colonel Buckskin Bill. 


The three Kates of Rattlesnake Kate stand onstage and sing

The three Kates of Rattlesnake Kate, with Andrea Frierson center as Katherine. Photo by andrewkellyphotography.com


Katherine McHale 

Act Two introduces the audience to Katherine in her 50s. After the cameras and national attention, Katherine continues her journey fighting for her legacy and never giving up on love. Audiences will continue to learn about the conquests that Katherine takes following the fame, the continuation and conclusion of her story with Colonel Buckskin Bill, and the loss of her greatest companion.  

See this Colorado legend come to life on stage in the DCPA Theatre Company’s world premiere of Rattlesnake Kate.  

Rattlesnake Kate
Feb 4-Mar 13, 2022 • Wolf Theatre