Original artwork from the 2001/02 world premiere of DCPA Theatre Company’s production of Almost Heaven: Songs and Stories of John Denver

Original DCPA Theatre Company world premiere returns to a Colorado Stage

When I was a little bitty boy…

Scratch that. I was actually a little bitty girl when I got jumped into “Grandma’s Feather Bed” and all of John Denver’s other songs.

Anastasia Davidson and Marianna McClellan in A DOLL'S HOUSE_Photo by Adams VisCom

A Doll’s House from page to stage, a Henry Award winner

This year, DCPA Theatre Company’s Costume Design Associate, Meghan Anderson Doyle won the 2019/20 Henry Award for Outstanding Costume Design for her work on A Doll’s House.

Gerald Ramsey as Mufasa in The Lion King North American_ our. ©Disney._Photo by Matthew Murphy

Five Showstopping Fathers of Theatre

Celebrate Father’s Day with a small sampling of some larger-than-life theatre dads.