It’s called ‘micro-theatre,’ and it’s the next big thing in theatre

DCPA’s Off-Center is accepting submissions of original short plays and performance pieces from Colorado artists for full production.

2017 True West Award: Composer and Music Director David Nehls

Composer David Nehls had four new musicals in development in the past 12 months. That’s not only highly unlikely — it’s nearly incomprehensible.

2017 True West Awards: Six set-sational set designs

Singling out just one compellingly executed set design this year seemed entirely inadequate. So instead, we chose to spotlight six.

2017 True West Award: Meridith and Gary Grundei

If life is an unpainted canvas, then the Grundeis are evidence that life is also a not-yet-traveled highway.

Study: There's a lot of Denver in Denver Center casts this fall

A survey of DCPA cast lists shows 56 percent of the 73 available jobs this fall have gone to actors who live in the Denver…

2017 True West Award: Emily Van Fleet

Once in a great, lucky while, you get to witness an actor killing it so hard in a particular role, you just know they will…

Meet Katie Drinkard of 'The Wild Party'

The Highlands Ranch native is home to appear in Off-Center’s first scripted musical, running through Oct. 31 at the Stanley Marketplace.

Video, photos: Your first look at 'The Wild Party'

Your first look inside the making of Off-Center’s ‘The Wild Party,’ with video and photos from the first day of rehearsal through opening night.

'The Wild Party': Five things we learned at first rehearsal

The audience will become, like the characters in the play, ‘a roomful of strangers who call themselves friends.’

Fall theatre in Colorado: Time to confront issue of racism

Local theatres are telling stories that will instigate the kind of conversations that hopefully lead to new understanding.