‘Mixed Taste’ is ready to mix it up again this summer

Anachronism is art when speakers elucidate audiences on eclectic topics starting with Rattlesnake Kate and Rosé

Video: Your first look at Off-Center's 'This is Modern Art,' opening photos

This is a pay that will make you look — and here you can have your first, in video and photos. Runs through April 15.

2018-19 DCPA Theatre Company season: In with the old … and the new

Chris Coleman’s 40th anniversary season will include two world premieres, Tolstoy and an African-American Oklahoma!

In the Spotlife: Jake Mendes of ‘This is Modern Art’

Actor glides from Hedwig glam to graffiti bomber in Off-Center’s provocative new play ‘This is Modern Art’ at the Jones

'This is Modern Art' will make you look

Off-Center play starts a provocative conversation about art that controversial Chicago graffiti artists started in a raging 2009 snowstorm

March openings: Athena rises as 'All My Sons' leaves American Dream in ruins

Month-long Athena Project Festival turns March theatre spotlight to women in fields of theatre, music and dance.

Idris Goodwin is going places: From Curious’ ‘Detroit ’67’ to Denver Center

Groundbreaking artist is directing Curious’ look back at violent uprising before bringing ‘This is Modern Art’ to the Jones Theatre

It’s called ‘micro-theatre,’ and it’s the next big thing in theatre

DCPA’s Off-Center is accepting submissions of original short plays and performance pieces from Colorado artists for full production.

2017 True West Award: Composer and Music Director David Nehls

Composer David Nehls had four new musicals in development in the past 12 months. That’s not only highly unlikely — it’s nearly incomprehensible.

2017 True West Awards: Six set-sational set designs

Singling out just one compellingly executed set design this year seemed entirely inadequate. So instead, we chose to spotlight six.