Break into voice over work by taking a class

Student in DCPA Voice Over class reads from a paper

If you are a podcast fan, you know a great podcast when you hear it, right? Or audiobook, video game, or even that voice telling you to get on the RTD Train before the doors close.

A good voice over is, well, good. A great voice over is one you tell your friends about.

A “Voice Over” is an off camera recording of an individual used to narrate, describe, instruct, or entertain. While the RTD voice may be a bit monotone, you certainly know what to do, where you’re going and when to exit. And these days, a well-voiced book helps get an author to the top of New York Times bestseller’s list.

A student in a DCPA Voice Over class smiles while holding a script

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a voice over.

Maybe someone has commented on your voice. Do you think you have what it takes to tell Luke “I am your Father” the way James Earl Jones did in Star Wars? Or perhaps you are the next Seth MacFarlane on “Family Guy” or even Colorado’s own Maggie Roswell from “The Simpsons”?

If you’re interested in breaking into voice over work, there are numerous training programs in the area including at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The benefits of taking a class are substantial. Here are 10 reasons to enroll:

  1. Voice Over work is increasingly in demand as the industry grows
  2. You will learn how to create your own studio using affordable, quality equipment
  3. Training builds credibility with potential clients
  4. You will increase your literacy
  5. Training gives you priority at auditions
  6. You will improve your verbal fluency, pacing and enunciation
  7. Students gain vocal warmup skills and breath control
  8. You may qualify for higher compensation from your voice over clients
  9. Experience attracts better quality voice over work
  10. You will gain confidence to nail your audition

DCPA Education offers Voice Over classes year-round. The 2022 Spring session goes on sale February 8 and scholarships are available. Visit