Phamaly’s 2022 Season: Strength through Family

By: Madison Stout The last two years proved unprecedented for the arts, and while many stayed home in isolation and theatres across the country closed their doors, Phamaly did what they do best — they adapted. By transitioning to virtual platforms, the nomadic theatre company continued its extraordinary work and provided the community with the […]

Do Rattlesnakes Migrate?

When you hear the word “migration,” it’s likely you think of birds migrating toward warmer temperatures. Migration is usually an animal or insect’s response to a change in temperature, food supply, or amount of daylight. There are also two important factors that differentiate migration from other types of movement or travel: first, migrations are seasonal, […]

5 Tips for Your Next Audition

By: Madison Stout Have an audition coming up? Here are some quick auditioning tips from DCPA Casting Director Grady Soapes and Head of Acting Tim McCracken. Be prepared to the best of your ability. Know WHO you are auditioning for: Who is the director, what do you know about the theater? Know WHAT you are […]

Hamilton Silhouette of Alexander Hamilton pointing upward as the top of a black, five-pointed star. Hamilton text in white.

The Man Who First Brought Us Hamilton — Ron Chernow On Serving As Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Right Hand Man”

By: Janice C. Simpson Before Miranda wrote the show, Chernow wrote the best-selling biography on the once-forgotten Founding Father. How involved was Chernow in the making of the musical? What does he think of Hamilton as hip-hop? And what would Hamilton, himself, think? The story has already become Broadway lore: Lin-Manuel Miranda was on vacation from his […]

Complementing Curriculum through Dramatic Learning

By: Megan Fevurly As schools limit the number of days per week of instruction or issue snow days due to “continued staffing shortages,” it causes families to ask: Is there a teacher supply chain crisis in Colorado? While the supply chain crisis affecting the availability of goods don’t reflect the number of teachers in schools […]

Make the Most of That New Year’s Resolution With a Class

By: Linnea Covington The new year has come and with it, a lot of us have made promises to be better, do more and stay present. But sometimes one needs a little push to achieve these goals. That’s where education comes in, and there are plenty of classes around town that can help one succeed. […]

Playwright Beaufield Berry Draws on Her Own Family for In the Upper Room

By: Leo Adam Biga Generations live strong in the memory and imagination of Omaha-based playwright Beaufield Berry.   Her original family drama In the Upper Room, a 2019 Colorado New Play Summit selection, gets a world premiere production by the DCPA Theatre Company this winter.   Set in 1974 Omaha, this Black American family drama draws closely […]

Hamilton Silhouette of Alexander Hamilton pointing upward as the top of a black, five-pointed star. Hamilton text in white.

Colorado Native Jordana Grolnick comes home in Hamilton

The hit musical Hamilton returns to Denver in February as part of a North American tour. The landmark show by Lin-Manuel Miranda is the rare winner of both the Pulitzer Prize for drama and the Tony Award for best musical — in 2016 Hamilton became the first show since Jonathan Larson’s Rent in 1996 to […]

Study Finds that Denver Residents are 4th in the Nation for Spending on Entertainment

Information in this article has been pulled from and the BLS’ Consumer Expenditure Survey.  COVID-19 has hit many industries very hard, as people aren’t able to gather safely in restaurants, theatres, stores, and more. There has been a distinct shift in the economy from in-person expenditures to people spending their time and money at […]

A Deep Dive into the Early 1960s

The year is 1962, and in the Billy Rose Theatre (now the Nederlander Theatre) on Broadway, Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is about to take the stage for the first time. The 1960s were a tumultuous time, dominated by the Vietnam War, Civil Rights protests, and political unrest. Let’s take a deeper look […]