Child Classes

Five reasons to enroll your child in a summer class

Child Classes

Child and Teen summer session classes.

Every summer, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts welcomes children of all ages in their summer classes as part of the Robert and Judi Newman Summer Series. Aside from the obvious, “got to keep the kids busy this summer” feeling many parents have, acting classes are a wonderful way for children to try something new, stay active, and make new friends. Our talented team of professional, passionate teaching artists help students of all ages find their voice. Here are just five reasons to enroll your child in a summer class.

SCHOOL IS OUT! Just because the bell has rung doesn’t mean the learning stops! Acting is a vehicle that allows students to continue their education without even realizing it. Students will learn through hands-on activities, writing their own plays, and building their confidence through acting,

JUST BE YOURSELF. The beauty of theatre is that as a performer and a consumer, the art forces one to look at life from a different view and experience situations as someone else. Involvement in theatre bolsters individuality and for many can be used as an outlet to deal with and better understand difficult emotions or situations.

NO “I” IN TEAM. Aside from personal development and how theatre promotes literacy, theatre teaches skills like teamwork and problem solving. When creating a play with a handful of other students, there’s bound to be butting of heads during the creative process.

YES, AND… In acting, there is no “right” or “wrong,” there is just experimenting. What do I feel or how does the audience react when I do this? Is that the reaction I want or my director wants? Improv exercises ask students to step out of their comfort zone and TRY something new. It’s supposed to be silly. It’s supposed to be fun. Stepping out and taking that risk can be scary, but it builds trust and confidence.

LIFE-LONG FRIENDS. Summer camps of all kinds typically have one thing in common, they bring a bunch of likeminded children together and allow the opportunity for friendships to build based on shared interests. Acting classes at the DCPA — whether in person or online — are no different. For some kids, this will be their sixth or seventh year participating in the summer series; for others, it will be their first! Regardless of grade or skill level, participating in summer classes will build friendships, memories, and who knows, your child might find a new life-long passion.

So get those kids off their video games. There’s a whole line-up of options to choose from and scholarships available. Set the stage for summer and sign up today!